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The Self Publishing Journeys podcast is a weekly show for all indie authors. Show host Paul Teague interviews self- published authors about their writing journeys, passing on hints, tips and tricks along the way. He'll also chat to experts in related fields - proofreaders, development editors, cover designers, PR specialists, author platform creators - and they'll be offering their best advice and strategies.
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Dec 30, 2017

1) My sci-fi book ‘Deleted’ has had a change of title!

It’s now called ‘Phase 6’ after the World Health Organisation’s 6-tier ranking for the stages of a pandemic ... Phase 6 is the worst  and means the world is in big trouble!

A new cover has been purchased from

2) £1000+ earned in December 2017 ... now well over £5500 earned since the BookBub promo, £4.5k+ earned between Oct 30th - Nov 30th.

3) My Q4 goals:

Q4 goals

4) My marketing targets:

Marketing targets

5) 20BooksTo50k podcast: [Waiting list only]

6) Owen Zupp's 'Top 5 Podcasts' post:

Dec 25, 2017

Patrick Sherriff worked in newspapers in the US, UK and Japan for 13 years.

He is currently working on his third Hana Walker novel in between writing and illustrating textbooks for non-native speakers of English.

Patrick lives in Japan with his wife and two daughters where

He has even produced an adult colouring book celebrating the triumph of Leicester City Football club in winning the English Premiership.

Patrick edited two anthologies about the Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown and has written a diary of a Japanese general election.

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed: Also see

4) Amazon author page:

5) Goodreads author page:

6) A ‘cut-and-paste' from Patrick's newsletter … there's lots of great links in here:

  1. I published a couple of books last month, though you'd be forgiven for not noticing. There's the micro-niche At the Dentist's: 100 English phrases for dental assistants, hygienists and patientsblog post here, and a little more inclusive textbook for first year Japanese junior high school learners of English, details here. I'm doing nothing more marketing-wise than just the odd blog post or YouTube video until the books have had all the kinks worked out of them through classroom use, and until I have a complete series to offer teachers.
  2. You want access to 213,000 Japanese woodblock prints for free, dontcha? It's here.
  3. I'm going to attend my first ever literary hoo-hah, the 2017 Japan Writers Conference from October 8th and 9th in Ikebukuro. Looks a bit heavy on trad publishing for my tastes (more about pleasing the gatekeepers than readers), but I'm hoping to bag an interview with the odd writer (they are all odd, ed.) Come along and say hi if you are in Tokyo.
  4. This podcast episode of Criminal, recommended by newsletter Gold Star Deputy Mark Williams, was a fantastic interview with the cantankerous septuagenerian NYT reviewer of crime fiction.
  5. Bored with Haruki Murakami? Discover real Japanese sureality with this great Peter Tasker article on Yasutaka Tsutsui.
  6. Here's me blathening on about self-publishing on YouTube, using my dentist book as an example of a, er, hole to fill in the market.
  7. Here's last month's interviewee, Kaori Shoji, writing about a tearjerker of a film adaptation of a Keigo Higashino novel.
  8. I was chuffed with this reader's review of my first Hana Walker novel, Half Life.
  9. I didn't get my ducks in a row this month to do an interview with an author, but you might get as much as I did from reading this WaPo article about children's author and illustrator Sandra Boynton. Between her interview and this one in The Atlantic with Celeste Ng on the value of Goodnight Moon, I'm ready to write and illustrate my first picture story books for really little kids. In amongst the other stuff on plate of course …Standalones
    Children of the Tsunami
    The Short GoodbyeHana Walker novels:
    Half Life
    Year of the Talking DogHana Walker short stories for EFL students:
    Hana Walker and the Dead Flowers
    Hana Walker and the Shogi Champion
    Hana Walker and the New President
    Hana Walker and the Lunchbox Thief
    EFL textbooks:
    Tower Talk Kinder 1
    Tower Talk Kinder 2
    Tower Talk Kinder 3
    Tower Talk Junior High 1
    Tower Talk Junior High 2100 English Phrases
    For Dental Assistants, Hygienists and PatientsMore details at

7) All about QuakeBook:

Dec 23, 2017

Welcome to Paul's Podcast Diary for Saturday 23rd December, 2017.

This diary charts my self-publishing journey – the ups the downs, the successes and the failures.

Everything goes into this diary, week-by-week, but you'll also find it a source of great tips, resources, tools, podcast recommendations and so on.

If I ever miss something out, or you'd like more information, just drop me an email at


This Week's Talking Points

1) 20BooksLondon – get on the waiting list now!

2) Begin Self Publishing podcast:

3) Ron Vitale's original interview for this podcast:

4) Caimh McDonnell who offered email marketing inspiration this week:

Dec 18, 2017

Dan Van Oss is a book cover designer and self-published author.

He started writing during college, where he also penned a weekly column in the school paper under the pseudonym “Fletcher Ford”.

Dan’s had pieces published on, won 2nd place in the Mona Schreiber Prize for Humorous Fiction and Nonfiction, was a semi-finalist in the writing contest.

He was also given an honorable mention in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition for Humor.

You can catch his weekly humor column, the “Dubious Knowledge Institute,” at

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Dan featured on Book Reader Magazine:

6) Goodreads:

7) See Dan on CoverMint (book cover designs):

8) Dan's sweet romance website:

The romance structure book I mentioned called “Romancing the Story” by Gwen Hayes:

9) Here is the cover that Dan designed for me:

Interview Talking Points:

1) The romance structure book I mentioned called “Romancing the Story” by Gwen Hayes:

2) The “Stories To Go” project website:

3) Find out more about Dragon Dictation:

4) The Self Publishing Podcast:

5) Authors XP book promotion website: [My affiliate link]

6) Ryan Zee author promotion site:

Dec 16, 2017

1) Here are the numbers to accompany this week's diary - the headings at the top of the page are Earnings - Page Reads - Sales - Free Books:

Sales info

Monthly earnings info:

BookBub numbers

Sales in different territories:

By the end of the podcast recording, this is the number that greeted me :-)

2) Vellum - highly recommended for creating e-books and paperbacks:

One Fatal Error

Dec 11, 2017

James Blatch is a former BBC Defence Reporter and a former BBFC Film Examiner.

He's probably best-known in self-publishing circles as the co-host of the Self-Publishing Formula podcast.

As listeners will already know, James is writing his first book - called The Last Flight - a historical military thriller set in 1966.

James is fully immersed in military matters - he reported for the BBC on the UK military from, among other places, HMS Invincible, Kuwait and the Arctic Circle as well as covering the UK air offensive during the Kosovo Conflict in 1999.

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3)  Twitter feed:

4) Goodreads author page:

5) James on LinkedIn:

Interview Talking Points:

1) James' film examiner page:

2) James' BBC page:

3) Stuart Bache book covers:

4) See the Vulcan Bomber:

5) Interview with Jenny Parrott, James' editor:

6) NaNoWriMo:

Dec 9, 2017

1) The final 8k words of Deleted have been written – we're now into edits:

Deleted word count

2) The final numbers from my recent Goodreads Giveaways:

3) One Fatal Error was published this week – hurrah! Remember that Kindle required your book 3 days before it's released, but they will keep nagging you:

4) 20BooksLondon – booking closes 20th December:

5) Check out Instafreebie at:

Check out BookFunnel at:

My Thriller Giveaway:

Thriller Giveaway

Dec 4, 2017

Rob Sinclair began writing in 2009 following a promise to his wife that he could pen a ‘can’t put down’ thriller.

He worked for nearly 13 years for a global accounting firm, specialising in forensic fraud investigations at both national and international levels.

Rob now writes full time and is the author of the bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring embattled agent Carl Logan, with over 250,000 copies sold to date.

Rob's James Ryker series follows on from the Enemy books, with the first novel, The Red Cobra, being released in April 2017 and quickly becoming an Amazon bestseller in the UK, US and Canada.

The second book in the series, The Black Hornet was released in June 2017.

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3)  Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Goodreads author page:

6) Bloodhound Books author page:

Dec 2, 2017

1) My forthcoming Thriller promo at InstaFreebie:

2) Goodreads is closing down the free UK book promos :-(


3) I edited my reviews rant out, but here's a review which may amuse you!

4) Authors XP - great list-building site: [That's my affiliate link!]

Nov 27, 2017

Dana Ridenour is a retired FBI agent and the author of two FBI undercover novels - with the third in the pipeline.

She spent most of her career as an FBI undercover operative infiltrating criminal organizations.

Dana's debut novel Behind The Mask was released in April 2016 and was named one of the best indie books of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews.

Her second novel, Beyond The Cabin, was released in August 2017 and, like her previous book, won the Hal Bernard Best Novel Award presented by the Southeastern Writers Association.

Find Out More:

1) Author website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Amazon Author page:

5) Goodreads Author page:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Huffington Post article:

2) Deeds Publishing:

3) Wishlist TV series lead - Elizabeth Olsen:

4) WiseInk:

Nov 25, 2017

) You can see this week's sci-fi/dystopian promo at

Instafreebie Giveaway

2) This week's writing progress - that's another book almost written!

Deleted writing progress

3) Jon Cronshaw's author diary: [Highly recommended!]

4) Authors XP, recommended promo site - check it out here [My affiliate link]

5) 20BooksTo50k London - book fast!

Nov 20, 2017

Margaret Skea grew up in Ulster at the height of the 'Troubles', but now lives with her husband in the Scottish Borders.

She was awarded the Beryl Bainbridge Award for Best First Time Author 2014 and Historical Fiction Winner in the Harper Collins / Alan Titchmarsh People's Novelist Competition for her debut novel Turn of the Tide.

The sequel - A House Divided - was longlisted for the Historical Novel Society New Novel Award in 2016.

Margaret is passionate about well-researched, authentic historical fiction and providing a 'you are there' experience for the reader.

Find Out More:

1) Author website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Goodreads Author page:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Plantation of Ulster:

2) Well of the Seven Heads:

3) Steven A. McKay's interview for this podcast:

4) Woman & Home:

5) Outlander TV series:

6) Vikings on Amazon Prime:

7) The Mainstreet Trading Company (book shop):

8) Historical novel society:

9) Nielson ISBNs:

10) Corazon Books:

11) Vellum formatting software:

Nov 18, 2017

1) My writing progress ... I managed to squeeze in a writing day before heading to Poland:

My word count

2) Look what happened to me this week :-) This means that I have now made sufficient sales to have to pay to use Book Report:


3) My Goodreads giveaways:

Dead of Night at

Mailchimp Unboxed at

4) Sarah Hardy's review:

5) My YouTube channel:


Nov 13, 2017

Caimh McDonnell, an award-winning stand-up comedian, author and writer of televisual treats.

His debut novel is ‘A Man With One of Those Faces’ which he followed up with 'The Day That Never Comes'.

When not writing books, Caimh is in great demand as a writer for TV.

He has worked on the hit BBC2 show ‘The Sarah Millican Television Programme’ and written for comics on ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Have I Got News for You’.

He also works as a children’s TV writer and was BAFTA nominated for the CBBC animated series ‘Pet Squad’ which he created.

He was a winner in the BBC’s Northern Laffs sitcom writing competition, where he was lucky enough to be mentored by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey of ‘Royle Family’ fame.

Find Out More:

1) Caimh's website:

2) Caimh's Amazon author page:

3) Caimh on Goodreads:

4) Caimh on Twitter:

5) Caimh on YouTube:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Gary Delaney - comedian:

2) Sarah Millican - comedian:

3) Jack Whitehall - comedian:

4) The Crust on the BBC:

5) Mock The Week TV show:

6) Have I Got News For You TV show:

7) Scot Pack - Caimh's editor on Reedsy:

8) Caimh's Irish Post reviews:

9) 99Designs for cover creation:

10) Caimh uses Vellum to format his book:

11) InstaFreebie:

12) Caimh tour dates:

Nov 11, 2017

1) My writing progress this week – 5184 words:

Deleted 30k words

2) Example of offline marketing discussed in the diary:

Matador book

3) The Society of Authors can be found at:

Here are some stills from the video that was shot at the event:

Paul Teague Society of Authors

Paul Teague Society of Authors talk

4) My forthcoming sci-fi promo:

5) Check out HW Fisher accountants who specialise in working with authors:

More info at:

6) 20BooksLondon … go! Please

Nov 6, 2017

Daniel Willcocks is a horror and thriller author, podcaster, and one quarter of digital story studio Hawk and Cleaver.

​His writing journey began in 2015 when he reached the #1 spot on Amazon's short horror story category.

Since then Daniel has become one of the lead authors on the successful ‘The Other Stories' podcast, which is listened to by tens of thousands of people each week.

He also appears regularly on ‘The Story Studio' podcast with his co-host and fellow story studio colleage, Luke Kondor.

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3)  Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Podcasts:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Dan's Patreon page:

2) Hawk & Cleaver Story Shop:

3) Robin Sharma 5am Club:

4) Asana for task management:

5) Slack, group messaging tool:

Nov 4, 2017

1) My BookBub promo results:


My earnings by store:


Split of the income:

BookBub totals

2) My ads this week ... on BookBub, BookSends and FreeBooksy:

3) My Society of Authors talk:

4) My Goodreads Giveaway stats:


Oct 30, 2017

Fred Freeman is the co-founder & Commercial Director at Bloodhound Books, a leading independent crime fiction publisher.

Founded in late 2014, Bloodhound Books was born from a love of great fiction - they only publish books they are passionate about and can add real value to so they specialise in thrillers, chillers, crime and mystery.

Bloodhound Books specialises in publishing eBooks but also offers print on demand paperbacks for all titles.

They've sold well over 1 million books worldwide and have had many top 50 best-sellers in the UK, USA, Canada & Australia.

Find Out More:

1) Bloodhound  Books website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) YouTube:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Fred's wife, author Betsy Reavley:

2) Joffe Books:

3) Ingram Spark:

4) Createspace:

5) Bloodhound Books submissions:

6) Podcast interviews with other members of the Bloodhound Books team:

Graham Smith:

Maggie James:

Morgen Bailey:

7) Bombshell Books:

8) Find out more about Therese Loreskar:

9) Lorella Belli:

Oct 23, 2017

Lucy Branch's fiction has been featured on Radio 4, Timeout London and The BBC World Service.

She is an expert in the conservation of public sculpture and has worked on some of the UK’s highest profile projects including Nelson's Column, Eros and Cleopatras Needle.

She studied at University College London, The Royal College of Art and Victoria Albert Museum.

Her knowledge and passion for the art world is poured into her fiction which she weaves together with myth, conspiracy theory and fantasy.

She has self-published two books - A Rarer Gift Than Gold: An Alchemist Conspiracy Mystery and Girl In A Golden Cage: A Magical Realism Romance Novel.

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Pinterest page:

5) Goodreads:

6) Lucy's 'day-job' as a conservator:

Interview Talking Points:

1) Listen to Lucy on BBC Radio 4's Midweek programme:

2) Writer's Workshop: [Recommended!]

3) BookBub promotions:

4) Alliance of Independent Authors: [My affiliate link]

5) ALLi BookBub guides: and

6) Troubador self-publishing:

Oct 21, 2017

1) 5135 words written this week:

Writing progress

2) I added 635 new subscribers to MailerLite as a result of my participation in an Authors XP Thriller promo [Affiliate links]

MailerLite subscribers

3) Book promo sites discussed in the diary:

4) This week's offline promo activity, ready to go to the Post Office:


5) Vellum software - please use it!

Oct 16, 2017

Episode 85, release date Monday 16th October, 2017

From dystopian science-fiction to fast-paced and in-depth techno-thrillers, Craig Martelle provides his readers with edge of the seat adventure and suspense.

He’s taken his more than twenty years of experience in the Marine Corps, his legal education, and his business consulting career to write believable characters living in a real world.

Craig is an extremely prolific self-published author and one of the names behind the very successful 20BooksTo50k brand.

Through a bizarre series of events, Craig and his wife ended up in Fairbanks, Alaska where they get to watch the northern lights from their driveway.

Find Out More:

1) Writing website:

2) Facebook page:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Goodreads:

6) Craig's Kurtherian News website:

7) LinkedIn:

Interview Talking Points:

1) 20BooksVegas:

2) 20BooksLondon: [See you there?]

3) 20BooksTo50k Facebook group: [Highly recommended]

4) Tom Edwards designs many of Craig's covers:

5) Jonathan Brazee, an author who was in the miltary:

6) Justin Sloan is a previous guest on this podcast:

7) Dave Chesson is a previous guest on this podcast:

8) Chris Fox - author and very fast writer!

9) Mark Dawson's courses:

Oct 14, 2017

1) This week's writing progress:

Deleted - word count

2) My Goodreads Giveaway:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Burden of Guilt by Paul J. Teague

Burden of Guilt

by Paul J. Teague

Giveaway ends October 31, 2017.

See the giveaway details

3) My AuthorsXP list-building event: My affiliate link for AuthorsXP is

4) Dragon Dictation information:

5) The Alliance of Independent Authors October Fringe event:

You can access the Ingram Spark free set-up offer at

6) Jon Cronshaw has launched his own podcast diary at:

7) Librarything - good for digital giveaways:

9) 20BooksTo50k event in the UK:

Oct 9, 2017

Colin Shelbourn is a professional cartoonist from Cumbria.

His work has appeared in Private Eye, Reader’s Digest and The Times and his humorous postcards can be found all over the Lake District.

Colin's writing highlights include working with Hunter Davies on The Good Guide to the Lakes, as a researcher for Melvyn Bragg's The Maid of Buttermere and co-authoring the Great Drives book with Stirling Moss.

His favourite and most personal book is Drawing Cartoons, which arose out of 10 years running cartoon workshops.

His illustrations appear in many of his own books and those of other authors.

Find Out More:

1) Colin's website:

2) Facebook:

3) Twitter feed:

4) Amazon author page:

5) Colin's LinkedIn profile:

Interview Talking Points:

1) DC Thomson's Starblazer comic:

2) Colin's column in the local newspaper:

3) Joining the Society of Authors:

4) Ronald Searle cartoons:

5) D.C.Thomson publications:

6) Colin Shelbourn in The Westorland Gazette:

7) Frank Hampson, creator of Dan Dare:

8) The Society of Authors:

9) Hardknott Pass in Cumbria:

10) Lilian Harry's Twitter feed:

11) My Society of Authors event:

12) Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS):

Oct 7, 2017

1) This week's word count for my new sci-fi/dystopian novel was 5068:

2) I bought a pre-made cover from Dan Van Oss at – well worth checking out Dan's work and he'll be a future guest:

Deleted book

3) My Quarter 4 planning board:

Q4 planning

4) Here's a breakdown of my marketing and podcast objectives:

5) I'm an ‘also-ran' in this year's Kindle Book Awards:

Kindle Review competition

6) Draft2Digital now has a referral link – here's mine:

7) Dave Chesson's Kindle Rocket can be found at – great for researching Amazon ad keywords.

8) I'm speaking at Carlisle's Borderlines on Sunday, see

9) I'm booked in to speak for the Society of Authors in November:

10) AuthorsXP promos – recommended for list building – this is my affiliate link to the site.

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