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The Self Publishing Journeys podcast is a weekly show for all indie authors. Show host Paul Teague interviews self- published authors about their writing journeys, passing on hints, tips and tricks along the way. He'll also chat to experts in related fields - proofreaders, development editors, cover designers, PR specialists, author platform creators - and they'll be offering their best advice and strategies.
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Mar 25, 2017

1) I got my trilogy formatted at

2) This is a preview for my InstaFreebie webinar on 5th April – I'll share the registration link for this from Monday 27th March:

InstaFreebie Leads Explosion

3) My next InstaFreebie Crime/Thriller Giveaway event which starts on 27th March

4) Amazon Academy event in Manchester on Friday 31st March

Visiting speakers:

Tracy Bloom

Keith Houghton

Joseph Alexander

Darren Wearmouth

5) The Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester on Saturday 22nd April

6) The Newcastle Writing Conference on Saturday 20th May

7) Bookbub book promotions

Mar 20, 2017

Avril McDonald grew up in New Zealand, trained as a primary school teacher then become a Managing Director of a Digital Entertainment Company in London.

A desire to create beautiful characters and stories that help kids manage tough emotions and feel brave led her to develop

This project also has a charitable arm at which has the vision ‘To give all children access to tools to help them manage tough emotions and reach their true potential’.

Avril has signed her first deal with Crown House Publishing for a series of six children’s books (five children’s books and a teacher’s accompanying book) to help tackle personal, social and emotional development in children.

Find Out More:

Avril's website:

The charitable arm of Avril's project:

Avril on the Waterstones website:

Connect with Avril on LinkedIn:

Avril's page on The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency website:

Avril's Amazon author page:

The Feel Brave books on Facebook:

The Feel Brave books on Instagram:

Avril's pins on Pinterest:

Talking points:

Tony Robbins' Morning Ritual:

PeoplePerHour outsourcing site: [My affiliate link]

BookBaby self-publishing:

Wix websites:

Crown House Publishing:


Avril's press page:

Avril's Kickstarter campaign:

Avril's social enterprise work:

Mar 18, 2017

1) The Crime & Publishment event that I attended last Friday

2) The ALLi Author Fringe is this Saturday - find out more about the event at

Link to my presentation page

3) My next InstaFreebie Crime/Thriller Giveaway eventcan be viewed here

4) The Amazon Academy event in Manchester is on Friday 31st March

5) My trilogy is all ready to go:

Don't Tell Meg trilogy

6) Amazon is nagging me about being ready in time :-)

Amazon nag message

7) My exploration of a lorry cab - for authorial purposes!


Mar 13, 2017

Merita King’s stories are inspired by watching Star Trek – with William Shatner – and Blakes 7, which was really popular in the UK in the 70s.

Merita is the creator of The Lilean Chronicles, The Sinclair V-Logs series and several standalone stories.

She is a self-published author and regular blogger who also provides some excellent and helpful ‘how to’ articles on her website.

Merita began writing in 2011 and has a back list of twelve books to her name.

Merita’s website:

Merita on Facebook:

Follow Merita on Twitter:

Merita’s Goodreads page:

Merita’s Amazon Author page:

Merita’s Google+ page:

Merita on Authorgraph:

Talking points:

Blake’s Seven:’s_7

Mailchimp for email marketing: [Affiliate link]

InstaFreebie: [Affiliate link]

Hootsuite: [Affiliate link]

Merita’s article on EIN numbers and USA tax:

Merita’s compelling description of her self-publishing journey:

Since June 2011, I have been writing novels and short stories and now have a backlist of twelve books, with another finished to first draft and yet another half written. All have failed to sell and still nobody is interested in my work. I have tried doing free giveaways, one facebook release event I arranged garnered the impressive attendance of just 2. I am now experiencing the painful trauma of realising that I am wasting my time publishing and probably should not bother doing so again. When I say painful, I mean it. Failing at this is the most painful thing of my entire life so far. I cannot adequately explain how much I want to be a successful novelist, and to fail so spectacularly is a burden that is too much to bear.

Merita’s writing for readers blog post:

Merita’s romance novel:

Arthur C. Clarke novel ‘Childhood’s End’:’s_End

Mar 11, 2017

1) Details of the Crime & Publishment event that I'm attending this week:

The ALLi Author Fringe is next Saturday!

Find out more about the event on Saturday 18th March:

2) My InstaFreebie Giveaway event - update.

My Giveaway page:

The leaderboard:

Promo images that I have made available to participants:

I am considering offering a paid-for Instafreebie service via a Wordpress multisite - users would get a cloned version of my Giveaway, done-for-you Google Forms and built-in training videos.

The Giveaway pages would be re-usable.

Find out more about Wordpress Multisite

This is what the template would look like:

They'd get a leaderboard and promos page too.

Any thoughts on this? What would that service be worth to you?

Please drop me a line at

3) Mark Edwards on Amazon

Linwood Barclay on Amazon

Harlan Coben on Amazon

4) Vellum formatting software

How to use Vellum on a PC:

5) My holding book covers for future projects - I know that Backpacker looks like a hiking book at the moment, but I couldn't find a decent image to get the ball rolling!

BackpackerGatedLeft for Dead

6) Helen Fazal does my editing work, here is her podcast interview link

Katja L. Kayne is the creator of The Novel Factory software

7) StartUp is on Amazon Prime, not Netflix (oops, sorry about that!) but it's well worth a look if you like thrillers

7) This week's writing progress:

[I'll add my accountability screen shots once the writing is done!]

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update:

Mar 6, 2017

After gaining a New Zealand Certificate in Science, Wendy Scott worked in a variety of different laboratories in New Zealand and Australia in the fields of salt, meat, dairy and wine.

While living in Adelaide, she spotted a course on Novel Writing offered by WEA.

She signed up immediately and made a commitment there and then that she would write a fantasy novel.

Wendy then completed other creative writing courses, joined the South Australia Writers’ Centre and published her first novel - Ferrasium.

Find Out More:

Wendy's website:

Follow Wendy on Twitter:

Connect with Wendy on LinkedIn:

Wendy's Facebook page:

Wendy's Hieroglyph website:

Wendy's WJ Scott website:

Wendy's YouTube channel:

Talking points:

WEA in Australia:


The Wishing Shelf Awards: (listen to my interview with the creator of The Wishing Shelf Awards, Edward Trayer, here:

Readers' Favorite Award:

This is an example of the star logo that Readers' Favorite gave me for a 5-start review, which you can read here.

5 Star Award

Scrivener, writing software: [My affiliate link]

Mailchimp for email marketing: for audiobook creation and slaes:

Mar 4, 2017

1) ALLi Author Fringe promos have begun now.

Find out more about the event on Saturday 18th March:

2) My Thrillers are now on pre-release, I've received my notifications that the books have to be ready by 19th March even though they're released on 23rd March.

Don't get caught out by this, you can lose the option to use pre-releases for a year if you don't hit the correct deadline date.

Kindles pre-release messages

3) My InstaFreebie Giveaway event - first try!

My Giveaway page:

The leaderboard:

Promo images that I have made available to participants:

The clicks are content between 8am on Monday 6th March until 8pm Sunday 12th March.

4) My new Amazon Author page for the thrillers:

5) Details of the Crime & Publishment event that I'm attending next week:

6) Frostbite Publishing which I'm trying out as a formatting service for my 3 x thrillers:

7) This week's writing progress:

Dead of Night 40k words

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update:

Feb 27, 2017

Russell Holden is a book designer with over 15 years of graphic design experience.

He manages layout, page design, creating covers, interiors and even photo tweaking for all book genres.

Russell’s services are listed on the Reedsy site and he runs his Pixel Tweaks imprint from the Lake District, helping authors to get their pages out out of Word and into printed form.

Russell has also self-published his own book and helped to publish more than 30 other books alongside indie authors.

Find Out More:

The Pixel Tweaks Publications website:

Russell’s Reedsy profile:

Pixel Tweaks Publications on Facebook:

Connect with Russell on LinkedIn:

Pixel Tweaks on Twitter:

Bone-anchored hearing aid/BAHA:

Russell’s book:

Zamzar file convertor:

Lightning Source:

Ingram Spark:


Nielson ISBN orders:

Widows & Orphans explanation:

Russell’s Reedsy page:

Feb 25, 2017

1) This week's writing progress = 5201 words, taking The Murder Place up to over 36k words now.

The first draft should be written by 17th March now, if I can turn around editing fast enough, I hope to release this book on 3rd May.

Paul's writing progress

2) New subscribers since February 1st, all due to my use of InstaFreebie:

Getresponse subscribers

Get InstaFreebie: [My affiliate link]

My Instafreebie promo page for my 6-12 March event - don't share yet please :-)

3) The Alli Author Fringe (online) event:

Alliance of Independent Authors: [My affiliate link]

4) My book pre-sales book listings on Amazon:

Don't Tell Meg:

The Murder Place:

5) Kindle Scout:

Email response from Kindle Scout:

Kindle Scout

6) I highly recommend Vellum for formatting your ebooks:

If you use a PC, here is how you can access Vellum without a MAC:

7) I've decided to have a go at getting my thrillers formatted for Createspace - I'm taking out for a spin ... I'll let you know how it goes :-)

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update:

Feb 20, 2017

Falsely accused of arson and manslaughter and thrown in a Spanish jail, David P Perlmutter turned real life drama into a full-time writing career following the success of his debut novel ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’.

After the success of this novel David decided to share with other indie self-published authors his guide to getting his novel to the #1 spot in True Crime on Amazon’s USA Chart.

David has since gone on to write two more ‘My Way’ books ‘My Way Too’ and ‘My Way Free – Trending on Twitter.’

He recently signed a publishing contract with Austin Macaulay which offers a hybrid publishing model.

Find Out More:

David's website:





Amazon Author Page:

Interview with David at IndieAuthorLand:

Interview Talking Points:

David's LinkedIn articles:

David's Waterstone's page:

David's Austin Macauley page:

Feb 18, 2017

1) This week's writing is being done on Saturday - I'll post my progress image here once it's done :-)

2) My InstaFreebie book links:

This is the InstaFreebie giveaway that I'm taking part in:

I'm using Pretty Link for my tracking links [My affiliate link]

I have added over 350 new subscribers into just two of my lists in the past 7 days:

New subscribers

Get InstaFreebie: [My affiliate link]

My promo page - don't share yet please :-)

InstaFreebie promo

3) The Alli Author Fringe (online) event:

Alliance of Independent Authors: [My affiliate link]

4) The Author School event on 13th March:

5) The Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester on Saturday 22nd April:

6) Iain Rob Wright, who I'm interviewing next week:

Feb 13, 2017

David Penny is the author of the Thomas Berrington Historical Mystery series set in Southern Spain during the final tumultuous years of Moorish rule.

Three books are currently available in that series with a fourth, The Incubus, being released in early 2017.

When not writing or conducting research trips in Andalusia, David is Technical Manager for ALLi – The Alliance of Independent Authors.

He is also part of the team that runs the Indie Author Fringe events three times a year.

David's website:

Follow David on Twitter:

David's Facebook page:

David's Amazon Author page:

David's Goodreads profile:

Talking points:

David's interview with The Alliance of Independent Authors:

David's case study on Joanna Penn's blog explaining his Facebook advertising strategy:

David's cover designer, Jessica Bell:

Damonza book covers:

See David's 1970's sci-fi books:

The Harrogate Crime Festival:

Amazon ACX for audiobooks:

Joanne Penn: [Recommended source of indie author guidance]


Mark Dawson's Facebook Advertising For Authors course: [I have paid for this course and found it extremely beneficial]

The Alliance of Independent Authors: [My affiliate link, highly recommended!]

Feb 11, 2017

1) This week's writing progress - I'm now 50% of the way through Dead of Night :-)

2) My InstaFreebie book links:

The Grid 1 on InstaFreebie:

The Secret Bunker 1 on InstaFreebie:

Get InstaFreebie: [My affiliate link]

A couple of things that I forgot to mention!

Author cross-promotion site (for InstaFreebie):

The Grid 1 listing (for InstaFreebie promos):

The Secret Bunker 1 listing (for InstaFreebie promos):

Mark Dawson's Facebook Genre Groups:

3) My Goodreads author page: [My affiliate link]

4) Quickbooks Self-Employed - recommended tool for UK self-employed authors:

5) Carlisle's Borderlines Book Festival:

6) My self-publishing training site:

7) Alliance of Independent Authors: [My affiliate link]

8) GoToWebinar - the best webinar tool:

Feb 6, 2017

Keith Dixon has been writing since he was thirteen years old in a number of different genres: thriller, espionage, science fiction, literary.

He’s the author of seven novels in the Sam Dyke Investigations series and two other non-crime works, as well as two collections of blog posts on the craft of writing.

His most recent book, the crime thriller Storey, was published in October 2016.

The first of his crime novels, Altered Life, is currently available in Portuguese and shortly in Spanish.

The second, The Private Lie, is now available in Italian and soon in Portuguese.

The book Actress is available in Chinese, Spanish and Italian. and was also number 1 in the Women’s Fiction free download section.

Feb 4, 2017

1) This week's writing progress - 5092 words written with a 21,076 total to date:

Dead of Night progress

This is the book that I'm writing:

Dead of Night

2) My rejection this week was from Moth books:

3) Instafreebie: [My affiliate link]

4) Zapier (used for moving leads from Mailchimp to GetResponse):

5) Mailchimp: [My affiliate link]

I use this for training purposes, it's great for beginners but as you build your list you'll probably want to progress to another tool.

GetResponse: [My affiliate link]

This is the email marketing service that I've used for several years.

6) ACX for audiobooks:

7) Vellum:

My article about using Vellum on a PC rather than a Mac:

8) Alliance of Independent Authors - highly recommended for all indie authors! [My affiliate link]

9) Another tax update sorted, with 0% retention in the USA:

Tax update

This Week’s Self-Publishing News

The Alliance of Independent Authors news update:

Jan 30, 2017

Pip Reid is the co-founder of Bible Pathway Adventures a childrens’ author and an app creator.

She is based in New Zealand and will be more familiar to readers as Pip Dumbill which is the author name that has appeared on books prior to her recent marriage.

Pip writes adventures that help bring the Bible to life for parents and children and has a strong desire to create tools that help children understand the true foundation of their faith.

She completed a diploma in Writing for Children before embarking on her writing career.

Find Out More:

Follow Pip on Twitter:

The Bible Pathway Adventures website:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Amazon:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Facebook:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Pinterest: [Highly recommended that you check out Pip’s use of Pinterest as an author]

Bible Pathway Adventures on YouTube:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Instagram:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Google+:

Bible Pathway Adventures on app in iTunes:

Bible Pathway Adventures on Google Play store:

Talking points:

1) Upwork (for finding international freelancers):

2) Patreon (for encouraging support from your fans):

3) Kickstarter (for crowd funding):

4) Fiverr (for very small, outsourced jobs): [My affiliate link]

5) Scrivener (recommended writing tool): [My affiliate link]

6) Kindle Kids’ Book Creator:

Jan 28, 2017

1) Another 5k words of Dead of Night written this week, running total is about 16k at the moment.

Total target word count is 50k.

Dead of Night word count

2) Dragon Dictation software: [Affiliate link with 20% off]

3) My InstaFreebie demo pages:

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:

Page preference poll on an InstaFreebie Facebook group - the small image version was the one that I preferred too, so in spite of the poor vote stats, I'll go with that version:

Poll results

4) Author Platform Sidekick: [My affiliate link]

This is the Twitter profile that Ian built up from 200+ followers:

5) Annie Weir's PLR earnings:

Listen to Annie's interview at

6) Vellum formatting software:

How to use Vellum with a PC:


7) Kindle Scout:

8) My recommended website service is SiteGround: [Affiliate link]

Jan 25, 2017

This is one in an occasional series of extra episodes targeted at helping indie authors to build subscribers lists and boost activity online.

In this episode, we’re checking out Author Platform Sidekick with Ian Sutherland the creator of the service.

If you have any questions about the service, just drop me an email at I’ll be happy to tell you about my beta testing results.

2) The Twitter feed that I used for the test:

3) Author Platform Sidekick: [Affiliate link]

Testimonials for Author Platform Sidekick:

4) WordPress plugins discussed:

Affiliate Royale


Jan 23, 2017

Ron Vitale caught my attention on Twitter because of an excellent post that he made to his blog outlining in great details his indie-author outgoings and income.

Few authors dare to share this information, but Ron broke it all down in great detail holding back nothing in the process.

Ron is the author of the author of the Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries and A Witch’s Coven Novels series and is a sci-fi/fantasy writer.

In his podcast interview, he gives a very detailed report on what you can expect to earn in your early days of indie publishing.



Find out more about Ron:


Follow Ron on Facebook:

Follow Ron on Twitter:

Amazon Author page:

Follow Ron on Goodreads:



Find out more about Ron:


Follow Ron on Facebook:

Follow Ron on Twitter:

Amazon Author page:

Follow Ron on Goodreads:

Talking points:

Ron’s 2016 Income Report:

Neil Patel SEO blog:

InstaFreebie: [My affiliate link]

MailChimp: [My affiliate link]

99Designs book cover design: [My affiliate link]


Jan 21, 2017

The Essential Weekly Podcast For New And Aspiring Indie Authors Paul's Podcast Diary Feature

1) How to use Vellum on a PC blog post:

2) My 'black-hat' internet marketing past on Kindle :-)

My evil past on Kindle

3) Alliance of Independent Authors events:

Join ALLi via my affiliate link:

4) Amazon Associates Link Builder Wordpress plugin:

Installation guide:

Jan 16, 2017

Jon Cronshaw is an author and the host of the Short Science Fiction Review podcast.

He is a former newspaper reporter and feature writer.

Jon plans to release three post-apocalyptic thrillers in rapid succession in early 2017.

To get properly warmed up for this feat, he’s been taking part in the Ray Bradbury challenge, which asks writers to come up with one short story per week for a year.

Find Out More:

Jon’s blog:

Follow Jon on Twitter:

Jon’s Facebook page:

Jon’s Short Science Fiction Review podcast:

Talking points:

InstaFreebie: [My affiliate link]

MailChimp: [My affiliate link]

Kindle Scout:

Ray Bradbury Challenge:

The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine by James Altucher:

ZoomText software:

ProWritingAid: [My affiliate link]



Ingram Spark:

ACX (for audiobook production):

BNIB library:

AudioBookBoom for promoting audiobooks: [Keep asking Amazon for new and .com free promo codes]

Amazon withholding tax – useful article at

Jon’s cover designer:

Jon’s recommended writing resources

The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt:

Writing Excuses podcast:

The Story Grid Podcast:

Self-Publishing Formula Podcast:

Sell More Books Show:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast:

Save The Cat!

Lynne Truss:

Stephen King’s On Writing (useful summary):

Bryan Cohen’s Best Page Forward book blurb service:

Jan 14, 2017

The Essential Weekly Podcast For New And Aspiring Indie Authors Paul's Podcast Diary Feature

This Week’s Talking Points

1) ALLi self-publishing Q&A on Tuesday 17th January:

Alli membership: [Affiliate link]

2) I use The Results Machine to time my uninterrupted writing stints in 1 hr + 1 hr + 1.5 hr blocks.

I beat the clock today, writing my first 2k words in that first 60-minute session.

The Action Machine is exactly the same software, just a different name.

Here is my affiliate link:

3) I ordered those covers from fiverr via

4) I’m going to use Vellum to format my books from now on:

To use Vellum on a regular PC, you can access MacInCloud, which lets you use a virtual machine:

5) Listing in Kindle Scout:

6) Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting:

Also see

John Lee Dumas:

Cliff Ravenscraft:

7) Writing tools

Scrivener: [Affiliate link]

The Novel Factory:

Save The Cat:

8) My recommended web hosting service:

Jan 9, 2017

Adam Nicholls is an indie crime writer with a writing tally of 15 books written over and 18 month period.

He has created the Evie Black and Mason Black series as well as the Salinger trilogy.

He’s just in the process of moving over to a new genre, writing under the name A.C. Nicholls.

Adam shares many of his writing challenges in the excellent Kindling Facebook group.

It is the writing model recommended in the Kindling community that he has followed to get his own career underway.

Find Out More:

Adam’s brand new website! [I built this for Adam using the free Hemingway WordPress theme at and using my favourite hosting service, Siteground, which you can access via my affiliate link at]

Adam Nicholls on Goodreads:

Adam’s Amazon Author page:

Follow Adam on Facebook:

Adam’s About The Author page:

Talking points:

Kindling: [Highly recommended for indie authors, my affiliate link]

BookBub: [The Holy Grail of book promotion sites]

Freebooksy: [The next best thing to BookBub!]

Adam’s Book Cover Designer:


Deranged Doctor Design:

BKKnights promos on fiverr:

EReaderNews Today book promo site:

Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ book: [My affiliate link]

Robin Reads book promo site:

Udemy – great training site:

Jan 7, 2017

This Week's Talking Points

1) This is how week 1 of my writing went :-)

2) I used SpeechPad for my transcriptions:

3) Crime and Publishment event:

4) InstaFreebie for free e-book giveaways: [Affiliate link]

Also look at BookFunnel:

5) My 'work in progress' Patreon page: it's probably still a bit early in my podcasting career to be pushing this for the time being!

6) Excellent ALLi guide to the best indie author competitions:

7) Brian Tracy's 'Flight Plan':

Jan 2, 2017

Clare Lydon is a writer of contemporary lesbian romance and host of the Lesbian Bookclub Podcast.

She’s a No.1 best-seller on lesbian fiction charts around the globe.

Clare has five full-length novels to her name, as well as writing the All I Want series.

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